Restoration House

Pindari Restoration House for men (PRH) is operated by Pindari Ministries (INC), a not-for-profit Australian charity committed to transforming men in need, into confident self-sufficient leaders and members of their family and society.

At Pindari Restoration House, we offer a long-term residence program, usually lasting 12 months. The program is run on Christian principles and provides 24/7 guidance in a family-based, therapeutic environment, making use of external services as required. 

We typically help men who are ready and determined to break the endless cycles of addiction, homelessness, poverty, chronic anxiety and other behaviours that are dominating their lives. We understand that these men, like all of us, need guidance and support in order to fully realise their potential.

Through our program these men will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviours necessary to lead fulfilling lives in their communities and families. 

About Pindari Restoration House

Pindari Restoration House is a place for men wholeheartedly committed to change. Here, you will find shelter from many of the temptations and challenges of daily life. We understand that overcoming negative life patterns is challenging and will demand self-discipline, perseverance, commitment, and time.  We aim to help you identify and address negative life patterns and reshape them into new and healthy life habits.  While you are the one who is going to have to do the hard work, we will walk alongside you as you journey towards fullness of life.  We promise to give you a hand up as you take responsibility for your future. 

Our program is far-reaching and intensive and based on Christian principles. Once you have settled in, we identify your  assumptions, attitudes and behaviours and help you to reshape them where necessary. Program success is also based on time and effort; neither one of these alone will get someone through the program. So we urge you to remain in our program for the recommended 12 months. You can always stay longer if necessary.