Esther Foundation

We are excited to announce that for the 2022 Swan River Half we hope to raise funds for The Esther Foundation.

"The Esther Foundation is a residential recovery and empowerment program for young women from crisis backgrounds, including addiction and trauma. At the EF residential facility young women between the ages of 16-36 come and stay for approximately 12-18 months as they journey through the holistic recovery program. The program aims to help address socially prevalent issues faced by many young women including substance abuse, sexual and emotional abuse, domestic violence, mental health, self-harm, family breakdown, and eating disorders.

The purpose of the Esther Foundation is 'Restoring lives in need'. As each participant enters the program they begin their recovery journey and through various stages, they are empowered to rebuild their lives and are supported by a passionate team that includes access to professional counsellors, therapists, doctors, psychiatrists, and so on. As each person's journey is unique a range of Programs, Therapeutics and Services are offered to aid their recovery.

In the later stages of the Program, there are opportunities for further education and work experience training which equips and prepares them for employment. All of these steps move each person closer to fulfilling the Esther Foundation Vision of "to see every life in the Foundation transformed and committed to lifelong growth."